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P s a l t i k i  promotes the advancement of the Hellenic Psaltic Art, also known as Byzantine and post-Byzantine Chant, and Hymnology by facilitating, cultivating and supporting its academic study, as well as initiating projects that transmit the psaltic heritage.

Our mission is to educate, empower and connect the next generation of chanters for tomorrow by providing knowledge, resources and visibility today.

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Psaltiki, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of Florida dedicated to the advancement of the Psaltic Art in America and its study around the world.

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Contact authors for permission

Articles with authors other than Psaltiki will have some link to their contact information, when available.

Wait six months before reprinting

We ask that you not reprint an article before at least six months after the initial date of publication.

Include required attribution text

Please include the following text on the same page as your reprint:

“Reprinted with the permission of Psaltiki ( and the author[s].”

If the article is used in a print publication, the attribution should read:

“Reprinted with the permission of Psaltiki ( and the author[s].”


If you are interested in translating any of the articles on a volunteer basis, please do so, under the following conditions:

  1. Your publication is freely available and you will not sell the translation.
  2. Your translation is a faithful one and have not changed the intent of the author in the original.
  3. You will link to the original web page at PsalticNotes and credit the original author[s] and the PsalticNotes magazine.
  4. You will include the following text on the first page of your translation:
    “Translated with the permission of Psaltiki ( and the author[s].”

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